Apple cooler than Samsung

Samsung Electronics defeated Apple in the latest spat in the rivals’ patent wars when a British judge ruled Samsung’s Galaxy tablets did not infringe the U.S. company’s designs for the iPad because they were “not as cool”. In Monday’s High Court judgment Judge Colin Birss said that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets belonged to the same family as the Apple design when viewed from the front, but the Samsung products were “very thin, almost insubstantial members of that family with unusual details on the back”. “They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design. They are not as cool,” he said. “The overall impression produced is different.” The victory for Samsung comes days after a U.S. appeals court lifted a freeze on sales of its Galaxy Nexus smartphones, although it upheld a lower court’s decision to temporarily halt sales of its Galaxy 10.1 tablet. The two companies are waging legal battles in about 10 countries, accusing each other of patent infringement as they vie for supremacy in the mobile device market. Samsung welcomed the British High Court judgment, which it said affirmed its own intellectual property rights while respecting those of other companies. “Should [...] read more

Badger the Mystical Mutt

PRG clients Lyn McNicol and Laura Jackson are the authors of the first in an intended series of illustrated children’s books starring Badger the Mystical Mutt. Written for children aged 5 – 8, and addressing issues such as bullying, disability and prejudice in a positive way, Badger is fast becoming a well beloved character in Scotland and beyond. The story is that Pet Idol is in town, and Hamish, a floppy-eared spaniel, is the favourite to win. But as the spotlight falls on the lane, Top Dog and his gang of strays are hunted by the Dog Catcher, and blame Hamish for their troubles. With his haphazard magic, an appetite for toast and a strange travelling machine, can Badger the Mystical Mutt save Hamish from Top Dog and his gang? And can Hamish still win Pet Idol? Badger is currently undertaking a book tour and is appearing in bookshops up and down the country to rave reviews not just from his fast growing army of young fans but also from the media. See his website here: and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Originally from Ayrshire, Lyn McNicol is a publicist and spent five years with the BBC working [...] read more

City of Soul

PRG clients Alastair McGhee and David MacDonald feature on the Jim Diamond  and friends album “City of Soul”, due for general release on iTunes, Amazon, HMV etc on Monday 3 October 2011. Alastair and David are two of the brass section of Big Vern ‘n’ the Shootahs, one of the most popular live bands in Scotland and beyond. All proceeds of this current album will benefit the Radio Clyde Cash for Kids Charity. The album featured on Clyde 2 this evening with a live session from City of Soul. Fantastic. Buy it. PRG will be…… Please buy the album for yourself and your friends and contribute to Cash for Kids. Check out the City of Soul guys here:   read more

Client Spotlight: Advanced Group (Scotland) Limited

Advanced Group (Scotland) Limited is one of PRG’s most innovative clients. The hard work and long hours involved in the sale and manufacture of home improvement products from a remote farmhouse unit some 23 years ago provided the nucleus for a company which is now, says respected business entrepreneur, Mark Watson, simply the best in home improvement design and innovation. And he is right. Where double glazing remains the norm for lesser entities, Advanced Group now provides triple glazing as standard. In addition, the company’s conservatory manufacture and supply is second to none in the UK. Renewable energy products such as solar panels have further enhanced the reputation of this already energy aware company both in the retail and trade sectors. Whether in the supply of windows, doors, conservatories or solar panels or indeed specialist Roofline products, the Advanced Group will provide for every eventuality. The PRG Partnership has acted for “Advanced” from the early days and has delighted in its success from then to now. See the Advanced Group website at read more

David Newton is Law Society’s new treasurer

David Newton has been appointed by the Law Society of Scotland’s Council as the new treasurer of the Society. A partner with the PRG Partnership, Clydebank, Mr Newton has been Council member for Dumbarton since May 2005. He is also a member of the Finance Committee, the board, and convener of the Law Reform Committee. read more

Minimum wage

Employers ignoring minimum wage law, says Citizens Advice A call for action against employers ignoring the minimum wage laws has been made by Citizens Advice Scotland, in the wake of evidence that many workers are being exploited by being illegally underpaid. A survey of CAB advisers carried out during the summer found that over half (53.3%) said that breaches of the minimum wage law were a “very” or “fairly” significant problem in their area; and nine out of 10 said the problem was “the same or worse” than it was two years ago. Women are more than twice as likely to be affected than men, and over half of respondents said the problem affected migrant workers. In terms of age, young people are by far the most likely victims: 73.3% of CAB staff reported that the problem was worst for those under the age of 24, and over a third said they had seen it afflict those aged just 16 or 17. Hotels, restaurants and cafes are among the most common offenders, with hairdressers and the construction industry also mentioned by many advisers. CAS Head of Policy Susan McPhee said the problem was a serious one. “The minimum wage has [...] read more

New Deposit Rules for Landlords

The relationship between landlords and their tenants has been subject to increasing regulation in recent years. The Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011, which came into force on 7 March 2011, continues that trend. The Regulations introduce a statutory framework for the protection of deposits paid by tenants to their landlords at the commencement of their tenancies. New obligations are imposed which require landlords to pay new or transfer existing deposits into schemes approved for that purpose, to ensure that the deposit remains within the approved scheme for the duration of the tenancy, and to provide prescribed information to their tenants. There are time limits specified within the Regulations for compliance which are linked to the “operational date”, which, as its name suggests, is the date on which the first scheme becomes operational. The Scottish Government has recently announced that the operational date will be 2 July 2012. There are presently three Schemes which have achieved accreditation and these are Safe Deposits Scotland, My Deposits Scotland and The Letting Protection Service Scotland. Two schemes are currently engaged in a consultation process with the Scottish Ministers to secure approval as operating schemes.  The basic duties, which are imposed directly on landlords rather than their agents, is [...] read more

PRG joins Contact Law

PRG has jointed the Contact Law network, one of the UK’s leading solicitor referral services. Owned by Thomson Reuters, Contact Law makes it easy for businesses and private individuals to select the best solicitor for their needs. Operating throughout the UK and abroad, Contact Law is in the business of recruiting legal firms which can effectively serve clients on a wide variety of legal matters. We are delighted that PRG has been selected by Contact Law for that purpose. read more

PRG Website

Although our website is now live, we are still working on many aspects of it. We hope to keep in touch with our existing clients and  develop relations with new clients at and at our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please let us know what you think. Your feedback is what will help us to create a useful website and communications network between PRG and our clients. read more

Prime Minister promises employment law shakeup

Prime Minister David Cameron will go to war against the trade unions by unveiling new laws to make it easier for firms to sack workers and condemning next week’s public sector strikes over pensions. A huge shake-up of employment laws and tribunals, which will make it harder for employees to claim unfair dismissal and save employers millions of pounds, has been bitterly attacked by union leaders. According to the Government, the “most radical reform package for decades” – to be unveiled by the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable – will make it easier for firms to recruit, manage and let staff go. Coinciding with the employment law shake-up, the Prime Minister has launched an attack on public sector union leaders over the November 30 strike and urged them to think again in a newspaper article. “I have huge respect for the hard-working men and women who keep our vital services running,” Mr Cameron writes.  “The teachers who educate the next generation, the childminders who keep our children safe and workers who keep our streets clean. “We depend on them every day.  And they do a brilliant job. “That’s why I’m so angry to hear that union bosses are ordering millions [...] read more