The strengths of PRG have always been measured by the quality of our people. The partners are supported by a dedicated team of qualified solicitors and paralegals each of whom is qualified to provide our diverse client base with the services required by them. We feature on this page our consultants, Arthur McKay, Angus Graham and Jim Cassels.

Arthur McKay, Consultant

Arthur qualified as a Solicitor in 1975 and is one of the founder members of Paterson Robertson & Graham, the former trading name of The PRG Partnership. With more than 35 years experience in the law he has built up a substantial client following. During his early years with the firm he was a court solicitor.

His expertise is now in commercial and tax law as well as family law, wills, trust and executries and powers of attorney. Arthur has substantial experience in advising businesses in all aspect of their affairs including business structures, partnerships, property matters, companies and related employment and tax issues. He handles the completion of large estates for high net worth individuals. He is also an adviser to a number of football clubs and footballers.

His interests are football, golf and rugby although he now plays only one of these!

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Angus Graham, Consultant

Angus qualified as a Solicitor in 1978. The business in which he was involved as a Partner from 1981 onwards merged with The PRG Partnership in 1991. He is now a Consultant with the firm and manages our North Glasgow Office. Angus deals with residential and commercial conveyancing, wills and inheritance tax planning, trusts and executries. He also advises clients on family law and powers of attorney as well as advising clients on business law issues.

Angus is married with 3 grown up children and is probably the best golfer in the partnership. Definitely, the best golfer in fact, given that his eldest son is a professional golfer. More about that (perhaps) another time!

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James Cassels, Consultant

Jim Cassels was a former PRG apprentice and for many years thereafter conducted his own successful practice within Glasgow city centre. Still young at heart, and in mind and body, an amalgamation with PRG was a natural step for Jim who was appointed a Consultant to PRG in September 2010.

Jim is a specialist in criminal law, much respected by his clients, fellow lawyers and judges. He is one of only a handful of solicitors in Scotland registered to work under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act for military purposes. He is, therefore, experienced and qualified to conduct military tribunals, including court martial cases, and does so regularly in military bases throughout the country.

He also acts as lawyer to many clients in the restaurant trade, dealing with licensing, commercial property and leasing throughout Scotland. His other interests include the law of the elderly and immigration law.

Jim’s hobbies include cycling and badminton.

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